Affordable Swiss Watch Brands (Best Watches for 2021)

Just just like the United States is associated Swiss made dive watch   with mouth-watering burgers, Switzerland has constantly been considered the hub of the most delicate timepieces.

Unfortunately, a lion’s share comes with hefty charge tags – removing most fanatics long before they even had a very good look at their maximum favored model.

The reality that Swiss-made watches are some of the maximum accurate and brilliantly crafted out there may be obviously contributing to the high price. However, that’s now not to mention that every one watchmakers dwelling inside the Swiss Alps are out of the fee variety of the everyday consumer.

Putting aside manufacturers from the very top shelf, together with Rolex, Omega, or Breitling, we’re nonetheless left with many exceptional choices that won’t cost a fortune.

In this newsletter, we can have a have a look at the 11 fine affordable Swiss watch brands for 2021. And with the aid of cheap, we suggest individuals who provide superb models for everywhere between $a hundred and $500.

Without further ado, permit’s go!

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Best Affordable Swiss Watch Brands
1. Tissot
Tissot mens Seastar 660/one thousand Stainless Steel Casual Watch Grey T1204171104100
Tissot Seastar is one of the maximum cutting-edge releases. Check availability here

Tissot is one of the oldest and most reputable Swiss watchmakers – but lots of its collections are available at rate points less costly for most.

The brand has been around considering 1853, based through Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Emile Tissot. In the primary segment of its records, Tissot was hugely dependent on neighborhood craftsmen who brought person parts of watches handiest for Charles and his son to gather them. At that time, Tissot turned into creating pocket and pendant watches.

At the start of the twentieth century, Tissot set up its personal manufactory and hasn’t appeared lower back on the grounds that. To these days, the logo is seen as one of the nice rising from the Swiss Alps, frequently known as Entry-Level luxury.

Since 1998, Tissot belongs to the prestigious Swatch Group, also called SMH. The Swiss institution consists of many renowned names along with Omega, Longines, and Harry Winston. After becoming a member of, the excellent of Tissot watches similarly improved.

The fantastic aspect approximately Tissot is that it caters to contrasting budgets. For the savvy consumer network, there are fashions to be had for as little as $one hundred. For folks who price the very best stage of expertise and superbly correct Swiss movements, there are a few portions drawing close the $2,000 mark. However, on an entire, the good sized majority of Tissot watches are available in the $two hundred-$500 location.

Nowadays, Tissot has plenty of sports connections. The emblem is the professional sponsor (and the timekeeper) of the NBA and MotoGP. The sporty impact may be seen in some of the newly-launched models, including the NBA-inspired line or racing-themed chronographs.

Tissot’s diving watch line, the Seastar, is another one increasingly developing in popularity.

2. Mathey-Tissot
Mathey-Tissot Rolly Vintage GMT Two-Tone Black Dial Pepsi Bezel Men’s Watch H903BBR
Mathey-Tissot Pepsi GMT watch. Check availability right here

As comparable because it sounds, Mathey-Tissot is a very special logo than Tissot. It’s totally forgivable to think in any other case, though!

Despite not being as popular as Tissot in recent times, Mathey-Tissot is likewise a long-standing call. The logo was set up in 1886 in one of the villages occupying the Swiss Jura Mountains, Less Ponts de Martel. It become founded through a local watchmaker, Edmond Mathey-Tissot.

At first, wristwatches weren’t the bread and butter of the company. Instead, it was specializing in the so-known as “repeater” watches and pocket timepieces. Mathey-Tissot’s upward push to fame was fuelled with the aid of the discharge of one of the first chronograph timepieces.

During its finest years, Mathey-Tissot become one of the favored watchmakers inside the United States. Names which include Elvis Pressley have been large admirers of the fine provided via the Swiss emblem.

Because Mathey-Tissot watches aren’t that marketed these days (for this reason, not as popular anymore), many parents omit out on what is one of the maximum lower priced Swiss watch manufacturers. One that to nowadays offers brilliant cost at very little cost. Some of the most inexpensive Mathey-Tissot fashions are to be had for less than $100, while the maximum high-priced selections are not likely to set you returned more than $three hundred.

In the watch community, the logo is more often than not diagnosed for its line of Greenwich Mean Time watches that may tune up to 3 extraordinary time zones straight away. One of these timepieces was listed in our ranking of Top 10 GMT Watches Under $1,000. The diving series, full of Rolex Submariner homages like this one, is some other one really worth checking out.

Learn more about the watchmaker by way of studying our Mathey-Tissot logo overview article. You can also get acquainted with two famous MT collections: Mathey GMT and Rolly.

3. Glycine
Combat Vintage Mens Analog Automatic Watch with Nylon Bracelet GL0264
Glycine Combat watch. Check availability right here

Akin to Mathey-Tissot, Glycine is a brand that once become on the lips of many but nowadays remains within the shadow of the greater aggressively marketed competition.

Like the preceding two watchmakers, Glycine is some other of the low-to-mid price range Swiss watch brands that have been around for over 100 years. It changed into based in 1914 with the aid of Eugene Meylan, who at that time was an up-and-coming watch engineer. Initially, the logo made a name for itself with superbly correct (at that time) and tiny movements for women’ watches.

From the day of foundation to provide times, all Glycine watches have been manufactured on the manufacturing unit within the Swiss metropolis of Bienne. Naturally, all bypass the Swiss Quality Control tests.

From the 1950s, Glycine began focusing heavily on pilot watches. Particularly the Airman line – to this day one of the trademarks of the emblem – was a massive success globally. That became right down to the fact of the growing class of frequent tourists and pilots.

The emblem became enjoying a long time of fulfillment till the Quartz Revolution of the Nineteen Seventies struck. Although Glycine managed to live to tell the tale, it in no way absolutely recovered. In 2016, after rumors of the economic disaster got here to the floor, the brand turned into acquired by using the American Invicta Group, ordinarily regarded for Invicta watches.

Since the takeover, the pricing of Glycine watches has come to be even greater tempting. Despite that, the middle style of the emblem has been preserved. Glycine’s pilot-style watches are playing a piece of a renaissance and the modern-day success of the Airman and Combat collections proves that.

The extensive majority of Glycine watches are to be had in the $300-$500 area. You can analyze greater approximately the logo via analyzing our Glycine watch review.

4. Victorinox
Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Stainless Steel Watch, 43mm, Black
Victorinox I.N.O.X watch. Check availability right here

Fair to say, Victorinox is a very exceptional animal than any of the above-discussed finances Swiss watches.

Whilst the above trio oscillates in the dressy spectrum of the layout, Victorinox watches boast a miles more potent, masculine vibe. The Swiss brand focuses strictly on the so-called tool watches which might be a number of the hardest-to-ruin timepieces presently on the market.

This isn’t a coincidence.

Even even though Victorinox as a employer exists for more than 130 years now, they’re a distinctly sparkling addition to the watchmaking industry. For the maximum part of their history, the brand changed into a producer of Swiss Army knives. It become best in 2005 while Victorinox received Wenger (every other knives-turn-watches business enterprise which we are able to speak later), a circulate that kick-started many new traces of products – including timepieces.

Next to Luminox, Victorinox watches are seen as one of the most rugged and dependable available. They’re favorites among parents operating in physically disturbing professions, inclusive of army employees, firefighters, or EMTs. Quite literally, they can take a beating.

Victorinox likes to boast about the unbreakable great of those watches and often places them thru some rigorous tests. For instance, they’ve proved that timepieces from the I.N.O.X series can take care of a pressure of 8 tonnes.

Compared to other cheap Swiss watch manufacturers in this listing, Victorinox additionally gives substantially bigger water-resistance abilities. Many watches come with a 200m WR score, making them appropriate for diving.

Price-sensible, the brand can be taken into consideration low-to-mid price range. The most inexpensive models can be discovered online for much less than $a hundred whilst the top-stop first-class releases can fee you as much as $1,000.

Learn extra approximately the watchmaker in this Victorinox brand review.

5. Wenger
Wenger Men’s Sport Stainless Steel Swiss-Quartz Watch with Leather Strap, Brown, 22 (Model: 01.1541.103)
Werner Military Time watch. Check availability right here

We’ve already touched close to Wenger when discussing Victorinox a second ago.

Up until 2005, Wenger changed into competing with Victorinox within the field of Swiss Army knives. It changed into most effective after the purchase of the former that the brands determined to embark at the horological journey. Despite the close connection, Wenger watches couldn’t be greater exceptional in phrases of favor.

Some consult with Wenger because the finances version of Victorinox although the layout offered by means of Wenger is clearly more informal. There’s a substantial selection of watch models with leather-based straps, which contributes to the extra fashionable experience of those timepieces.

That’s not to say that there’s not anything to select from for individuals who opt for the sporty type. Wenger too has its very own series of diving watches. There’s also something in save for the enthusiasts of chronograph watches.

When it involves costs, the most inexpensive Wenger timepieces can be snatched for ~$50 while the most expensive fashions are not likely to interrupt the $300 mark.

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